Five Tips for Feline Weight Loss

Did you know that studies estimate half of domesticated cats are overweight? Obesity can lead to serious health concerns like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and more. Here, an Aurora veterinary professional offers five essentials for cutting down your feline friend’s body fat.

See Your Vet

First things first: make an appointment to see your veterinarian. Working together, you and your vet can create a weight-loss plan that will help your cat shed the pounds in a healthy manner. Plus, your vet can offer further tips on maintaining your cat’s healthy weight and body composition.

Don’t Free-Feed

One of the leading contributors to feline obesity is the practice of free-feeding, which means you leave a dish of food out at all times for your cat to eat from as she pleases. The problem is, a cat can easily overeat, gobbling up food even when they’re not really hungry. In a very short period of time, your cat can become overweight. Instead of free-feeding, schedule regular mealtimes for your pet using proper portion sizes. Ask your vet for help.

Proper Diet

Consider the food you’re giving your cat. Since cats can’t digest carbohydrates quickly, they can build up and cause weight gain. Most cats will benefit from a low-carb diet. Contact your vet to see what type of food you should be giving your cat. Depending on your cat’s health, age, breed, and other factors, a special food may be required to return your beloved companion to a healthy weight.

Exercise Regimen

A great diet won’t do much good without regular exercise. Set aside time every single day to get your cat moving. Use toys to entice her, and make sure she stays active for several minutes. Consult your vet for more tips on getting your cat to exercise.

Using Treats Smartly

Feeding your cat treats for no real reason is simply giving her carbohydrates that she doesn’t need. Try to use treats exclusively as rewards, or very occasionally as a special indulgence.

You may even try purchasing treats that boast health benefits—some promote healthy weight, and others may improve dental or digestive health. Call your Aurora vet’s office to ask for a recommendation and find out about other tips for controlling your cat’s weight.

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