Nutrition & Weight Management

Good nutrition isn’t just something that humans should be concerned about. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can also add years to your pet’s life, and improve the quality of those years exponentially. The problem is, with so many different food products to choose from, and so much confusion surrounding the topic of weight, managing this aspect of your pet’s health care can be challenging. Don’t leave it to chance! Trust the staff at Aspen Commons Animal Hospital to help.

We’ll start by identifying your pet’s unique nutritional needs. We will conduct a thorough physical examination and take into account such important factors as breed, age, current weight and the existence of any medical conditions. Once we’ve identified what your pet’s needs are, we will develop a customized diet to help meet those needs most effectively. This may include a recommendation of a prescription diet product, as these often contain key nutrients that over the counter foods lack.

Next we’ll focus on your pet’s weight. This is important because companion animals that are even just a few pounds too heavy can be at a much higher risk for developing a number of serious medical conditions. Likewise, pets that don’t weigh enough are more susceptible to illness or injury. We will use the information we gathered in our nutritional analysis to determine what weight range would be ideal for your pet, and then come up with a plan to help achieve that target weight range and maintain it over time.

Lastly, we will reevaluate our approach from time to time to make sure it’s still as effective as it was originally designed to be. As pets age, their health care needs change – including those associated with nutrition and weight control. We will revisit our plan and make any necessary adjustments as needed to ensure that we continue to achieve optimum results.

You want your pet to be as healthy and happy as possible. Let us help you achieve that goal with our professional nutritional counseling and weight management services.


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