Our Practice

Since the moment we first opened our doors for business, Aspen Commons Animal Hospital has been building a reputation in the Southeast Denver and Aurora areas. We view veterinary care a bit differently than most clinics in that we place all of our focus on making our clients and patients feel safe, comfortable at right at home. We believe that establishing relationships with people and their pets is the most important component of quality veterinary care.

Our comprehensive services are designed to support a lifetime of good health for your dog, cat or pocket pet. From routine checkups to complex surgical procedures to critical care and more. We also offer a number of alternative medicine options, such as acupuncture, laser therapy and homeopathic medicine for those pet parents that prefer to take a more holistic approach to their pet’s health care. We are able to do many of the same things the specialty clinics do at a much more favorable price.

Our hospital is staffed with a friendly, caring team that is passionate about improving the lives of animals and the people who love them. We look beyond all of our years of training, education and experience to place the focus where it belongs: on you and your pet. Each one of us has at least one fur baby with whom we share our lives, which is why treating your pet like our own comes so natural to us. In fact, all of our staff members have adopted pets from the very same rescue groups we serve on a regular basis.

What sets us apart from other clinics in the Southeast Denver and Aurora area is the high level of care and service we provide to our clients and patients. We always go above and beyond to make pets feel at ease while in our care, offering soft yoga pads, warm blankets and plenty of treats and TLC. For animals that are especially anxious, we’ll take as much time as necessary to calm them and make them feel safe. We want to make trips to the vet a positive experience for everyone – especially your four-legged family member!

Appointments at Aspen Commons are always thorough, during which time you will receive our undivided attention. Our goal is to not just deliver exceptional care to your pet, but to really get to know you both on a personal level. We love sharing stories with our clients and experiencing the ups and downs of pet ownership right along with them. It is this level of personal attention that keeps people coming back, and why we have so many second and even third generation clients. Here, we’re one big happy family and it shows!

Along with keeping our patients happy and healthy, we also work hard to make sure our clients receive outstanding service. You are the most important person in your pet’s life, so it only makes sense that you should be a part of his or her health care team. That’s why we’ll always take the time to answer your questions, discuss your concerns and educate you on all of your options. We have an open door policy and encourage you to become as involved as possible in all aspects of your loved one’s care.

Most importantly, the care we provide is always customized to best meet the needs of our patients. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all health care or cookie cutter medicine. We will work closely with you to help you choose the best possible plan for your pet. A plan that will provide your companion with the care he or she needs to stay happy and healthy while also meeting your budget. We will tailor a health care plan that will deliver the most precise and effective care possible, each and every time you visit.

At Aspen Commons Animal Hospital, we are like a small town doctor offering big city medical care. When you come to us, you can expect to be welcomed warmly and treated as family, receiving state of the art care with a personal touch. It’s an approach to animal health care that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We hope you’ll consider joining us and look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your four-legged friend for many years to come!


    • Dogs have owners, cats have staff.
    • A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue.
    • All of the animals except for man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it.
    • Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
    • Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.
    • A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself.
    • There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
    • Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.
    • Dogs come when they're called; Cats take a message and get back to you later.
    • Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
    • A house is not a home without a pet.
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    • Mimi N.Mimi N.

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