Give Your Guinea Pig Top-Notch Care

You’ve just adopted Freddie, a friendly guinea pig who will join your other furry family members. Even though Freddie and his brothers are huge by rodent standards, they’re pretty laid back and they generally don’t bite or scratch. While Freddie will love your family’s company, he’d also like to share his enclosure with some guinea pig buddies. Before Freddie gets to enjoy his new home, though, you’ll take him to your Aurora veterinarian for a new patient exam. In the meantime, learn more about Freddie’s habitat and care requirements.

The Best of Both Worlds

While Freddie wants to be part of your family, he also wants to live in a quiet environment without excessive traffic or loud noises. Locate Freddie’s enclosure in a room with consistent 65 to 79 degree temperatures. Don’t place Freddie’s cage in direct sunlight, and remember his body can’t stand high temperatures and humidity. Remember, you don’t want your little guy to be susceptible to heat stroke.

Luxury Living Arrangements

Make sure Freddie lives in the lap of luxury. Give your guinea pig a spacious metal, wire, or heavy-duty plastic enclosure. While Freddie needs a well-ventilated little condo, you won’t need to cover the top, since he’s not likely to make an escape attempt. Use a solid flooring material, as this reduces the risk of Freddie’s leg and foot injuries, and also makes your poop duty much easier. Each day, give Freddie fresh new bedding made from shredded newspaper or recycled paper litter.

Gourmet Guinea Pig Nutrition

Your vet will probably recommend that Freddie consume a top-notch pellet formula along with selected vegetables and leafy greens. Since guinea pigs typically object to sudden diet changes, give Freddie lots of variety so a new veggie won’t send up a red flag. Also, ask your vet if Freddie needs some extra vitamins in his diet. Freddie needs unlimited fresh water each day, using a sipper water bottle attached to his enclosure. You don’t want Freddie to contaminate his water with bedding scraps or feces.

Diverse Exercise Program

If Freddie eats regularly, and doesn’t exercise, he’ll risk undesirable weight gain. Make sure Freddie gets lots of exercise by providing him with cage workout equipment. Also, give Freddie a separate enclosed interactive play area without chewable baseboards, wires, and outlets. A tiled, wood, or linoleum floor is ideal, as you’ll find those surfaces easy to clean.

Make sure Freddie visits his Aurora vet for a yearly physical exam that includes blood work and fecal tests. Your vet will also evaluate Freddie for dental disease, a common guinea pig ailment. Now that you’ve lined up Freddie’s habitat, diet, and veterinary care, he’s free to enjoy a happy life with your family.

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