Doggy Holidays

Did you know that Man’s Best Friend has quite a few holidays of his own? Fido’s special days may not get as much attention as the larger holidays, but we think that’s all the more reason to celebrate them. Get your calendar ready: in this article, your Aurora vet lists some special doggy holidays.


The year starts out on a ‘pawsitive’ note, with January being National Train Your Dog Month. We think every day should be Hug Your Pet Day, but that special occasion is actually February 20th. February 23rd is Dog Biscuit Day. Did you miss these holidays? Fido won’t mind if you celebrate a little late!


Poison Prevention Week is March 15-21. This is a great week to check your home and yard for toxic plants, and perhaps share some relevant information on social media. March 23rd might just be the cutest holiday ever: it’s National Puppy Day! Even if you have an overgrown, adult puppy, as so many of us do, you can still celebrate with your pooch! May 17-23 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. What a wonderful time to read up on canine body language!


Heading into the dog days of summer, we have Take Your Dog To Work Day on June 26th. You might want to run this one past your boss first! Pet Fire Safety Day is July 15th, and then, on July 31st, we have National Mutt Day. If your furry friend is a mongrel, give him a special toy or treat! When August 15th rolls around, make sure Fido’s microchip records are current for Check Your Chip Day. National Dog Day is August 26th. It could be a scorcher, so to make your pooch a special treat, put doggy biscuits and sodium-free chicken broth in an ice cube tray, and freeze them.


Fall has some wonderful doggy holidays. September 13th is National Pet Memorial Day. If you’ve ever had a furbaby cross the Rainbow Bridge, this is a great day to honor their memory by volunteering at a shelter or donating to a rescue. October 14th is Pet Obesity Awareness Day. Why not take Fido to a park in celebration? Mutts are so great, they get two days: the second National Mutt Day is December 2nd.

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