Safe Snacks for Cats

Cats make wonderful pets. Their adorable antics, cuddles, and cute mannerisms definitely have a way of winning us over. It’s no surprise that many of us like to pamper our feline friends with toys and treats. Giving your cat snacks can be a bit tricky, however, as kitties can be finicky. If Fluffy turns her nose up at store-bought treats, you may want to try a few other things. An Aurora, CO veterinarian offers some safe treats for cats in this article.

Deli Meat

Little bits of deli meat can make great kitty treats. Give your feline friend small bits of beef, turkey, chicken, ham, or bologna every now and then for a special snack. Remember to remove any uneaten portions immediately.

Cooked Chicken or Turkey

Cooked poultry is also suitable for kitties. Just be sure to avoid anything that has been seasoned with onion, garlic, chives, or scallions. Also, never give your furball anything with bones in it, as the bones pose a serious choking hazard.


Cooked, boneless fish is a favorite treat among our feline friends. While you don’t want to overindulge your furball with this special snack, there’s nothing wrong with giving her a little salmon, tuna, or mackerel now and then. Be sure to choose unseasoned varieties.


Many cats love beef or chicken broth. If Fluffy is one of them, feel free to give her a little bit every now and then. Just be sure to choose a brand that does not contain sodium or MSG, and, as always, make sure your furball has plenty of fresh water.

Cat Milk

Despite the common misconceptions about cats and milk, milk isn’t really a good treat for kitties. Many of our feline friends have trouble digesting dairy products. While some cats can tolerate very small amounts of milk on occasion, you’re better off giving Fluffy cat milk, which is specifically formulated for that cute furry tummy of hers.

Remember, always put Fluffy’s safety first. Never give your cat a new food without researching it first to be sure it is safe. You also want to avoid overindulging your furball with fatty snacks. Ask your vet for more specific recommendations on kitty treats.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? We are here to help! Contact us, your local Aurora, CO vet clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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