Helpful Tips About Doghouses

Did you know that July is officially Doghouse Repair Month? We strongly recommend that dogs live indoors: after all, Man’s Best Friend is an important part of the family, and will be both happier and healthier inside. That said, Fido does like having his own little home to enjoy when he’s in the yard. A Southeast Denver, CO veterinarian discusses doghouses in this article.


One thing to keep in mind is that bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to doghouses. Fido should have enough room to sprawl out, sit up, and turn around, but if his doghouse is too big, it won’t be as warm or cozy.


There are many styles and materials to choose from. Plastic doghouses may be cheapest, but they don’t offer as much insulation as other materials. We also don’t recommend getting a doghouse that is made from pressure-treated wood, as it could be toxic to Fido.


Make sure Fido’s doghouse is insulated and waterproof. It should also be raised off the ground a bit, so that water runs beneath it when it rains.


Fido’s doghouse should be cleaned a few times a year. Different materials require different cleaning tactics, so you may want to some research before you get started.


Doghouses are portable, though some are easier to move than others are. In summer, Fido’s doghouse should be in a cool, shady spot. In winter, place it in an area that gets maximum sunlight, with the door facing away from prevailing winds.


Doors that are placed off-center offer better protection from wind and rain than centered ones. In winter, install plastic flaps or a doggy door to block the wind.


Look for nails or pieces of wood that are sticking out. Fido could seriously hurt himself on an exposed nail or a broken board!


Outdoor bedding can make very tempting homes for fleas. Wash your pup’s doghouse bedding weekly, or choose a pet-safe mat.


There are many ways to make Fido’s doghouse both attractive and fun. Why not add a little porch or deck for your dog to relax on? You can also use non-toxic paint or pet-safe plants to make your four-legged pal’s outdoor home look nice.

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