5 Reasons Not to Take Your Cat to Work

You may have heard about Take Your Dog To Work Day, which is coming up June 23rd, but did you also know there is a Take Your Cat To Work Day? This feline-friendly holiday is coming up June 24th. However, we’re not entirely convinced that bringing your kitty to work is a good idea. There is of course the fact that most kitties hate car rides, and are more comfortable in their own domains. But there are actually several other reasons for you to keep your furball at home. A local Aurora, CO vet lists a few of them below.

Sleeping On The Job

Don’t get us wrong: we know that being cute is very hard work. This may be why cats are so tired. Your furball may very well spend the majority of her day napping on your desk. Your feline buddy may also decide to catch some z’s on top of the reports you are working on, or even on your computer.

Kitty Shenanigans

There’s no end to the ways that a frisky pet could get into trouble at the office. Fluffy may decide to sleep on the boss’s computer, eat the office plants, or bat at someone’s shoelaces.

Desk Clearing

Kitties often really enjoy smacking small objects off tables and countertops. Fluffy could very well spend a good chunk of the day knocking your co-worker’s pens onto the floor. If someone in your office has an expensive, fragile trinket, it may very well attract your furball’s attention… and end up in pieces on the floor shortly afterwards.

Seat Stealing

Our feline friends can be a bit opportunistic, particularly when it comes to choosing napping spots. There is a good chance that Fluffy will at some point make herself comfortable in a recently vacated spot… such as the boss’s chair.

Fluffy’s Homing Signal

We are pretty sure that our feline overlords play by their own rules. We also suspect that one of these rules has to do with cats going directly to the person who is most likely to be allergic to them. Therefore, if you have a coworker with allergies, chances are, Fluffy will spend her day at that desk.

Please contact us, your Aurora, CO animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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