New Year’s Resolutions for Cats

Happy New Year! As we take down our 2017 calendars and hang new ones for 2018, many people are thinking about their personal goals, and perhaps making new resolutions for the coming year. If your cat could make resolutions, what do you think would be on her list? Read on as a local Aurora, CO vet lists some New Year’s Resolutions for cats.

Help Around The House

Kitties have a reputation for being a bit aloof, but that’s not really fair. Fluffy often tries to lend a helping paw with household tasks like changing sheets, swatting flies, or wrapping gifts!

Get More Sunshine

Does your cat schedule her naps so that she can doze off in her favorite sunbeam? Although cats don’t actually run on solar power, we suspect that many of our feline patients will spend a good chunk of 2018 sunbathing.


Kitties are very flexible, and can twist themselves into some contortions usually associated with pretzels. Fluffy may want to try a new pose this year!


If there’s one thing cats take seriously, it’s their beauty rest. Fluffy will probably sleep through a good chunk of the new year!

Work On My Pounce

While your pampered housecat may never have to hunt anything but her dinner bowl, she will still be instinctively driven to pounce, jump, bite, and scratch. Fluffy may very well want to nail the purrfect pounce in 2018!


Cats are very curious little furballs, and love to explore nooks and crannies. We recommend keeping your feline friend inside, for safety reasons. However, you can still keep your furry little adventurer amused by providing her with boxes and kitty tunnels to explore.

Complete The Internet Takeover

Does your kitty sometimes walk across your keyboard or sit on your computer? Fluffy may not know how to use a laptop, but she has still managed to take over a good amount of the internet. In fact, by some estimates, the web is at least half cat pictures!

Be Adorable

Your kitty won’t have a hard time meeting this goal! Fluffy’s cute face, adorable antics, and charming vocalizations will all help keep you smiling through 2018!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your local Aurora, CO pet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We look forward to providing your pet with excellent care in 2018 and beyond!

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