Choosing the Right Spot for Your Pocket Pet Cage

Have you recently adopted a bunny, hamster, or Guinea pig? These little guys can make very charming and lovable little pets. Since these smaller animals live in cages, making sure your tiny buddy has a clean, comfy, cage is very important. Choosing the right location is also crucial. A local Aurora, CO vet offers some tips on choosing pocket pet real estate in this article.


Your pint-sized pal won’t be happy in a dark room. However, you don’t want to put the little guy in direct sunlight, either: this could cause your pet to get dangerously hot!


While proper ventilation is important, too much air circulation can be problematic. Don’t put your tiny buddy too close to a vent, heating duct, or fan.


Most of these smaller animals are prey animals in the wild, and are quite timid and shy by nature. Too much noise may frighten your four-legged friend, and make him uneasy. Don’t put your pet too close to a TV or stereo. If you have a child that plays drums, don’t put the little guy near their practice space!


Some pocket pets need environments that stay at specific temperature ranges. Hamsters, for instance, must be kept in rooms that stay between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Ask your vet for specific advice.


If you have dogs or cats, raise your pocket pet’s cage up off the floor, so your other pets can’t see or reach him. Your tiny furball will likely be terrified if Fido and Fluffy are constantly watching him!


Some pocket pets, such as hamsters, are nocturnal. With nocturnal pets, a bedroom is probably not the best place. You don’t want little Hammie keeping you or your child up at night!


Small pets need love, too! Many of these little guys are very sociable, and enjoy watching and interacting with their humans. Don’t leave your furry buddy all by themselves in a quiet back room! Pets often get depressed and anxious when they are too isolated. Look for a spot where your tiny pal can see and hear you, but isn’t surrounded by commotion. A family room or living room is often a great spot.

Please reach out to us, your local Aurora, CO pet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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