Cat World Domination Day

Did you know that June 24th is Cat World Domination Day? Are our feline pals plotting to take over the world? Is there any way to stop them? Read on as an Aurora, CO vet lists some cute ways to avoid a complete kitty takeover.


Tire your feline buddy out with a fun play session. Fluffy may not be able to achieve her goal of world domination, but who knows? She may finally catch that pesky red dot! After a fun play session, your furry friend will probably be more interested in napping than in taking over the universe.


One way to keep Fluffy from taking over the world? Just distract her with a new catnip mouse. You can also give your ambitious pet a new wand toy. Or, try some cute modern toys, like an automated laser pointer or catnip bubbles. Chances are, your furball will forget about her plan, and settle for ear scritches.


One area where our feline overlords all show their own tastes is in their choice of snacks. Some furballs love tuna, while others prefer shredded deli meat or store-bought snacks. Indulge your kitty with her favorite treat. Just be sure to only choose things that are safe for cats. Fluffy may be pleased enough to abandon her plans!


One reason cats may be plotting to revolt is to make us give them cat furniture. If kitties took over the world, they would probably demand that every house have a cat tower, catio, and several pet beds and window seats. You don’t have to spend a fortune on Fluffy’s things. Look online for great DIY ideas.

Let Fluffy Stay On Your Lap

Cats have a special way of manipulating us, simply by being their own adorable selves. If Fluffy likes to snuggle up on your lap, you may find yourself staying put, just to avoid disturbing Her Furry Majesty.

Box Castle

Why not make your feline pal her own box castle? You can keep it simple, and just attach a few boxes together. Or, for maximum purr, make your furball a bona-fide palace, complete with turrets, balconies, and courtyard. This is a great rainy-day project for kids! Fluffy may very well settle for ruling her own castle.

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