4 Reasons to Crate Train Your Dog

Has your canine companion been crate trained? If not, you may want to get Fido used to being crated. Used properly, crates can be great tools. In this article, an Aurora, CO vet lists some reasons to crate train your pet.


We always recommend keeping dogs crated for travel. It’s much safer! If Fido is unrestrained in the car, he could knock into you or step on the power window control. He would also have little protection in case of an accident. And, while our canine pals often like sticking their heads out the window, this can be very dangerous. Your pooch could get dust or insects in his eyes, nose, or mouth.


Many dogs actually enjoy their crates. You may find that your furry pal voluntarily sleeps in his crate at night. The key is to make sure Fido thinks of his crate as a cozy little den. Your canine companion may appreciate having a safe place to retreat to if he ever feels scared, such as during a thunderstorm or fireworks show.


You may find it safer to crate your canine buddy at certain times. For instance, if you are hosting a party, it can be helpful to keep Fido crated as people are eating and/or coming or going. You definitely don’t want your pet slipping out an open door! You may also want to crate your dog if you are moving furniture in or out.


Sooner or later, your furry friend will need to be crated, either when he comes to see us for veterinary care, or when he visits his groomer. Needless to say, this will be much easier if Fido is already comfortable with being crated.


Never use a crate as punishment. You want your pet to think of his crate as a safe place, not a jail cell! Also, put the crate somewhere Fido can still see and hear you. Dogs often get sad and lonely when they are separated from their humans. You don’t want your furry buddy to feel isolated! Also, take care never to leave your pup crated too long. Overnight crating is fine, as your pooch will likely spend the time sleeping. However, during the day, four hours should be the max.

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