6 Things Cats Are Curious About

Does your kitty often follow you around, and/or stick her cute little nose into whatever you’re doing? Our adorable feline friends are certainly very curious, and love to investigate their surroundings. In fact, there’s a really cute kitty holiday coming up. January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Read on as a local Aurora, CO vet lists the things that Fluffy is most curious about.

That Pesky Red Dot

A laser pointer is a great way to get your feline buddy off the couch and moving. This is a fun way to play with your pet, and keep her both active and entertained. Of course, Fluffy may not understand her elusive prey, but that’s okay. Watching her pounce on that mysterious crimson spot will always be adorable.

Closed Doors

If you open a closet or cabinet that is usually closed, there’s a good chance that your furball will immediately investigate it. And if you ever shut your fuzzy buddy out of the room, you may soon see Fluffy’s cute little paw under the door.


If you put a box down in front of your feline pal, the odds of her jumping into it are really, really high. We’re not sure exactly why Fluffy is so obsessed with boxes, but we do know that this quirk is super cute. Cats also love exploring suitcases and paper grocery bags.


If Fluffy could voice her questions, she may very well ask about food. Your kitty may be quite curious about how you can just pop open a can and magically refill her bowl. She may also want to know why her human pals aren’t unanimously supportive of second breakfasts.

Birds and Squirrels

Believe it or not, your adorable little pet is actually a fierce predator at heart. If your furball spots a bird or squirrel out the window, she may become utterly captivated by it. Some kitties even make amusing clicking sounds when they see small animals. This is pretty entertaining to watch!

What You’re Doing

Has your furry pal ever tried to lend a helping paw as you are changing the sheets or wrapping gifts? Is Fluffy always underfoot? Our feline overlords are always very interested in seeing what their humans are doing.

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