Tips For Grooming Your Bunny

Do you have a pet bunny? Rabbits are extremely cute and lovable pets. These little furballs do have some very specific needs, however. In addition to providing Floppy with food, water, a comfy cage, and lots of chew toys, you’ll also need to groom her regularly. Read on as a local Aurora, CO vet offers some tips on grooming Floppy.


You’ll need to brush Floppy regularly to remove dead fur and dander from her coat. Some bunnies, like Angoras, require daily brushing. Bunnies have very delicate skin, so you’ll have to be very careful not to cut or rip your pet’s skin. Get a detangling brush, and very gently try to remove mats or tangles.


Brushing is especially important when your bunny is in a shedding cycle, which is called molting. Rabbits actually lose all their fur, and regrow new coats. This may happen a few times a year. Floppy may lose huge chunks of fur when she molts. You’ll need to brush your bunny daily at these times. Otherwise, she may end up swallowing too much of her fur. Since rabbits can’t solve this problem the way cats do—by producing hairballs—this can be very dangerous. Your vet may also recommend supplements.


Generally, you should never bathe your bunny. Rabbits are simply not ‘wired’ to enjoy being partially submerged in water. Many find the experience extremely traumatic. In fact, bunnies can even go into shock and die. That said, Floppy may at some point get a dirty bottom, which you’ll need to clean. Fill a sink or shallow storage tote with a few inches of warm water. Then, carefully holding your bunny, lower just her back end into the water. Swish the water around to gently clean your pet.


If Floppy’s claws get too long, they could snag and tear on things. This can be painful, and can even lead to infections. Your furry buddy will need regular pedicures. We recommend trimming bunny claws every month or so.


It’s also important to keep your cute pet’s ears clean. Bunnies have very sensitive ears, so you’ll need to be extremely gentle. Just use a damp soft cloth or cotton ball to carefully wipe away dirt or debris. Never use cotton swabs, or anything sharp.

Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact us, your Aurora, CO vet clinic, today!

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