Take Your Dog To Work Day

June 21st is Take Your Dog To Work Day! Of course, if it were up to Fido, he’d probably go to work with you every day. Dogs want nothing more than to hang out with their human friends! Read on as an Aurora, CO vet discusses bringing your pup to work.

The Job Search

Not all companies or industries are suitable workplaces for Fido. If you work on a farm, your canine friend’s chances of getting hired are pretty good. Small, casual offices and stores are also a good bet. Other places, such as restaurants, banks, and factories, probably aren’t a good fit.


Check with your boss and coworkers before bringing your dog in. Some people may be delighted to find themselves with an adorable new work buddy. Others, however, may be allergic to or frightened of dogs, in which case you’re better off leaving Fido at home.

Fido’s Job Application

Make sure your pup puts his best paw forward! Give your furry friend a good bath before his first day on the job. Fido should be fixed, microchipped, and current on his vaccinations and parasite control products. He should also be housetrained, and obedient enough to respond to simple commands like Sit, Stay, Come, and Don’t Eat That.

The Big Day

Before starting work, take your dog for a long walk, and then tire him out with a fun play session. Your canine companion will be much better behaved if he’s a bit tired!


Fido will need bedding, toys, food, dishes, treats, a leash and collar, and waste baggies. Once you get to work, set these things up at your station, and keep your furry buddy with you. Your pup won’t win many fans if he spends the day going through people’s trashcans or begging for their lunches!


You’ll need to make adjustments so you can take your furry pal out regularly. You may also want to have a friend, family member, or petsitter on standby. That way, if Fido becomes scared or unruly, you can have him picked up early.

Happy Hour

When your workday is done, treat Fido to a trip to a dog park or pet café. He deserves a reward for working like a dog all day!

Please contact us, your Aurora, CO vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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