Helping Your Kitties Get Along

Have you recently decided to adopt a second cat? Congratulations! Your other kitty may not be quite as thrilled as we are, however. Here, an Aurora, CO vet discusses helping your feline friends become friends.

Make Introductions Carefully

First impressions are very important to cats! Keep your pets separated at first, and so they can adjust to the knowledge that there is another kitty in town. Let Fluffy and Mittens smell each other and play ‘paws under the door’ before you introduce them.

Offer Enough Everything

Cats sometimes fight over resources. Make sure you have plenty of toys. Kitties all have their own purrsonal tastes, so offer your furballs a variety. This applies to cat furniture too. It’s also important to have enough litterboxes. We recommend having at least one per feline, plus at least one extra.

Don’t Play Favorites

We know, getting a new cat is a big deal. (Actually, this qualifies as a major life event in our book.) No matter how smitten you are with your new pet, don’t make the mistake of ignoring your resident furball. That’s a recipe for jealousy and resentment! Pay both kitties equal attention.

Dual Play Sessions

One thing that can really help is to play with your cats together. Use toys that you can control, like a wand toy or a laser pointer. This will serve two purposes. For one, it will help Fluffy and Mittens burn off their extra energy. After a fun kitty workout, your pets will be calmer, and, hopefully, less interested in fighting. It will also help them form positive associations with one another.

Expect Bumps

Your cats may fight a bit at first. This should diminish over time. However, if you do catch your feline pals fighting, don’t punish them. This will just make them resent each other more! Clap your hands or stomp your foot to break up the fight. Then, separate your furballs for a while, and let them calm down.

Give It Time

Although Fluffy and Mittens may never become BFFs, there’s a good chance that they will learn to tolerate each other. Just don’t expect this to happen overnight. It can take kitties up to a year, or even longer, to adjust to the presence of another cat. Be patient, and give it time.

Please contact us, your Aurora, CO veterinary clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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