Cute Things Your Dog Will Do This Year

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already in the rear view mirror. As we move on into 2020, many people are making predictions about the coming year. We have a few ideas on what our canine friends will be doing this year! Read on as an Aurora, CO vet lists some adorable things Fido will do in 2020.

Jump For Joy

One of the best things about having a dog is knowing that Fido will always be happy to see you when you get home. That happy dance dogs do when they greet their owners is adorable!

The Head Tilt

Fido has many charming habits, but one of the cutest is the way he sometimes tilts his head, as though he wants to ask a question.

The Walk Fake-Out

Man’s Best Friend is very clever, and has figured out a few tricks that help him get what he wants. Many pups will fake their humans out at least once this year by pretending they really really really have to go … only to nonchalantly start sniffing grass.

Request Belly Rubs

One of Fido’s cutest traits is the way he ‘smiles’ when he’s enjoying getting petted. Dogs have some super adorable ways of letting on when they want ear scritches or belly rubs. Fido may lean against you, flop down at your feet, or nudge your hand with his head. Pay lots of attention to your pet this year!


Have you ever seen your pooch twitching and making noise while he’s sleeping? Yes, Fido does dream. As to what he’s dreaming about, we suspect treats and belly rubs may be involved.

Request Doggy Playtime

Dogs are super cute when they are feeling playful. It’s probably safe to say that at least once this year, your pup will bring you his favorite toy, hoping you’ll play with him.

Pretend Not To Beg

Fido has been our friend and companion for thousands of years. He’s had a lot of time to perfect that adorable sad look that works so well at getting us to share our food. However, begging is bad petiquette, so some of our canine buddies put on a super cute innocent look when they get chided.

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