Keeping Kitty Healthy

February is an important time for those of us in the veterinary care industry: It’s National Cat Health Month! Kitties are quite independent little furballs, but they are still susceptible to illness and injury. In this article, an Aurora, CO vet discusses keeping Fluffy healthy.

The Basics

Good pet care really starts with good nutrition. Offer Fluffy a high-quality, life-stage pet food. However, you don’t want to overindulge your cat. Obesity is one of the most common health problems we see in our feline patients! Pay attention to portion sizes, and limit your kitty’s intake of fatty treats. Fresh water and a clean litterbox are also musts.

Veterinary Care

Taking Fluffy to the vet regularly is absolutely crucial for her health. We strongly recommend spaying or neutering. This will not only prevent unwanted litters, it will also reduce or eliminate the risk of your kitty developing certain health issues. Additionally, Fluffy will need to be kept current on her exams, vaccinations, and parasite control products. Dental care is also important. Ask your vet for specific advice. In between appointments, watch for signs of illness, such as hiding, poor grooming, litterbox issues, or changes in food and water intake. Call your vet immediately if you notice any of these warning signs.


Never underestimate Fluffy’s ability to get into trouble! Keep your feline buddy safe and sound inside, where she isn’t exposed to predators, weather, or other dangers. We also recommend doing some petproofing. Put anything you don’t want your cat playing with out of paws’ reach. This includes things like small or sharp objects, toxic plants, and plastic wrappers.


Your cat’s mental and emotional well-being have a huge effect on her overall health. Entertainment and enrichment will go a long way here. Offer your pet lots of toys, and play with her regularly. Your kitty will also appreciate having boxes and paper bags to explore, as well as a good scratching post. To keep that little motor going, you’ll also want to provide Fluffy with lots of comfy beds and, of course, catnip. Last but not least, pay lots of attention to your feline pal, and make sure that she feels loved, safe, and maybe just a little bit spoiled.

Here at Aspen Commons Animal Hospital, your Aurora, CO pet clinic, we’re dedicated to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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