5 Ways to Respect Your Cat

There’s a pretty big kitty holiday around the corner. March 28th is Respect Your Cat Day! We think that all animals should be treated with respect and kindness every day. But how do you make kitties feel respected? While Fluffy would probably insist on catnip gardens, stocked fishponds, and mountains of toys, there are some simpler options. An Aurora, CO vet lists some key ones below.

Clean Litterbox

Cats are very clean, and they prefer their litterboxes kept that way as well. We recommend scooping daily, and changing the litter every week or so.

Regular Veterinary Care

Kitties have a reputation for being aloof and independent. And, in truth, our feline pals are quite easy keepers. However, they aren’t invincible. Just like any other animal, cats are susceptible to parasites, illness, and disease. Keeping up with your pet’s veterinary appointments will protect her from dangerous diseases, and help keep her happy, healthy, and purring.

Kitty Comforts

As you’ve probably noticed, our feline friends are very, very sleepy. However, Fluffy can’t spend all of her time snoozing. Making even a small effort to make your home comfortable and fun for your furry buddy will go a long way. Offer Fluffy a comfy window seat with a good view, as well as some pieces of kitty furniture and a good scratching post. Also, when you leave your cat home alone, turn a light on for her, and leave the climate control running. No one likes sitting alone in a dark, cold house!

Proper Cuddle Etiquette

One of the biggest faux pas you can make with kitties is trying to force attention on them. Cats hate being cornered, and they get uneasy very quickly if they are being held or petted against their will. Always let Fluffy decide when cuddle time stops and starts. (Of course, your furball may ignore you when you’re watching TV, only to demand attention when you’re in the middle of something, but that’s another topic.)

Positive Reinforcement

Cats are adorable, but they aren’t perfect. Sooner or later, Fluffy will do something that irks you. She may scratch your sofa, knock something over, or even bite you. Don’t punish your furball for these mishaps. That will just make her feel scared and confused! Focus on rewarding good behavior instead.

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