Bunny Binkies 101

Have you recently adopted a bunny? If this is your first rabbit, you’re in for a pretty adorable learning curve. One thing you’ll want to look into is learning how to read bunny body language. It’s quite different from that of dogs and cats! We all know that Fido wags his tail when he’s happy, and Fluffy purrs. As for Floppy, well, she has the binkie. An Aurora, CO vet discusses the binkie below.

What Is A Binkie?

A binkie is basically a bunny happy dance. It’s part jump, part twist, and part head bob. (We probably don’t have to tell you how cute these are.) Floppy will jump for joy when she is in a good mood, and perhaps feeling excited or playful.

Binkie Time

Bunnies can binkie at any time, and for any reason … and sometimes for no reason at all! That said, there are a few times when you’re most likely to score a binkie. Floppy often binkies when she knows that she’s going to get a new toy or perhaps a special treat. Some rabbits get excited about getting free time. Others binkie when they see their humans, perhaps as a way of saying hello. Rabbits also sometimes binkie just before meals. Who doesn’t get excited for a good dinner?


You really won’t be able to train Floppy to binkie on command. However, you might be able to sort out what makes her happy. This will vary from bunny to bunny. Pay attention to your furball, and see how she reacts to certain things. Other signs of a happy bunny include nose boops, head bonks, and flopping.

Encouraging Binkies

So how do you get your new pet to binkie? It really starts with just providing great care. Since Floppy will spend a lot of time in her cage, it’s absolutely crucial for her to have a comfy one. Make sure she has plenty of room to hop, play, and, of course, binkie. She should also have a few hiding spots she can go to if she gets scared. Good food, proper bedding, regular grooming, and lots of chew toys are all important. Your furry pal should also see her doctor regularly. Ask your vet for specific care tips.

Please contact us, your Aurora, CO veterinary clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. We’re here for you!

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