Getting Your Bunny Ready For Autumn

Believe it or not, summer is winding down pretty fast. We love the warm weather, but fall’s gorgeous foliage and crisp weather are also quite appealing. At this time of year, pet parents need to take a few precautions to help their furry pals prepare for the oncoming cold. In this article, a local Aurora, CO vet offers some advice on getting your rabbit ready for fall.

Seasonal Dangers

Rabbitproofing is a must for bunny owners. These little balls of fur absolutely love to nibble on, well, everything. Keep Floppy’s chewing habits in mind as you decorate for the season. Anything that is made of plastic can be a danger. Candles, cords, coated or painted pine cones, candies, and other seasonal items can also be a safety issue for your furball. Pay close attention to anything and everything that is within paws’ reach.


Generally speaking, rabbits fare better with heat than cold. However, in winter, wild rabbits burrow under the ground, and thus escape the worst of the cold. A rabbit in an outdoor hutch won’t have that option, and may have a very hard time staying warm. We recommend bringing Floppy inside. Pets are both happier and more comfortable living indoors! That said, it’s very important to keep your furry friend’s bedding clean and dry, regardless of whether she’s indoors or not.


You may notice Floppy getting a bit hungrier as the weather chills. Don’t let her bunipulate you into overfeeding her! Ask your vet for specific advice, including portion sizes and good treats.


Fall is a peak shedding time for many animals, including rabbits. As you may know, bunnies don’t shed a little bit at a time, the way cats and dogs do. These guys go all-out, and blow their whole coats. You’ll need to brush your furry buddy daily during molts. Part of this is to (somewhat) contain the onslaught of fur. It’s also important for health reasons, as rabbits can get very sick if they swallow fur. Your vet may recommend a hairball preventative or supplement.


Rabbits tend to get quite active as it cools. Prepare for some bunny zoomies! Offer your cute little buddy lots of toys, and make sure she is getting ample free time.

Do you have questions about your bunny’s health or care? Contact us, your Aurora, CO animal clinic, today.

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