Pets For Veterans Day

October 21st is Pets For Veterans Day. This holiday was started to help raise awareness of the way that pets can help veterans mentally and emotionally, and to hopefully assist in matching some of our brave veterans with pets that need loving homes. A local Aurora, CO vet discusses this great cause below.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is unfortunately very common in veterans, afflicting as many as one in five veterans. Up to two thirds of those are not treated. This is a definite crisis: PTSD can be very detrimental to overall quality of life, and can cause anxiety, depression, and insomnia. A pet’s love can be extremely helpful here. Our animal companions are truly wonderful for our minds and spirits. Their comfort and unconditional love has helped many people through hard times.


Our furry friends are often found working in facilities such as hospices, hospitals, and nursing homes, just offering cuddles and love. As you may know, snuggling a purring cat is very calming. It can reduce one’s blood pressure; soothe feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety; and reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack. Dogs also provide these benefits, plus the additional physical activity of those daily walks. Plus, studies have shown that the responsibility of caring for an animal can be very beneficial.

Working Dogs

Man’s Best Friend has also served and helped veterans in many ways. Military dogs have bravely accompanied soldiers to many dangerous areas, and have even risked–and sometimes sacrificed–their lives for their human companions. Fortunately, there are now laws protecting retired military dogs, and helping them get placed as pets once their tours have ended.
As you may know, many veterans also benefit from having their own service dogs. These are pups that are specifically trained to help veterans. Some may sense an anxiety attack coming on, and will cuddle their owner until it passes. Though these pooches aren’t pets, they do serve an important purpose, and also provide comfort and love.


If you want to help, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Consider volunteering at or making a donation to a charity that works with pets and vets. The aptly-named Pets for Vets is a good one, but there are many others.

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