Tips For Taking Great Holiday Photos

Season’s Greetings! At this time of year, we often get lots of adorable pictures of our patients enjoying their gifts, or perhaps sporting antlers or Santa hats. We never get tired of seeing pet photos! Of course, our furry friends don’t always make the most agreeable subjects. Fluffy and Fido have a way of striking a super cute pose, and then moving as soon as you reach for your camera. An Aurora, CO veterinarian offers some tips on taking holiday pictures below.


Be sure to pick the right lighting and background. Try to choose a setting that contrasts with your pet’s coat. If you want to snap Fluffy’s picture against the tree, blur the background a bit. A low F-stop will help with this. (Tip: try using portrait mode.)


Sometimes picking the right angle will make all the difference. For dogs and cats, you may find that taking that picture from your furry pal’s eye level is helpful. If you’re snapping a photo of your hamster or gerbil in their cage, shoot from an angle to reduce glare.


Choosing the perfect prop can bring that candid shot to a new level. Fluffy may be super cute if she’s batting at an ornament, while Fido might look extra charming under some mistletoe. Just be very careful here. Many seasonal decorations are actually dangerous. Tinsel is a choking hazard, while mistletoe is toxic to pets. Supervise pets carefully when using props, and don’t leave them unattended with anything unsafe.


There are now smartphone apps for just about everything. There are quite a few made just for taking pet pictures. Some will remove red-eye, while others will make noises that help capture your furry friend’s attention. Many also have pre-set modes that adjust focus and/or speed. This is helpful because the settings that will work best vary depending on whether you want an action shot of Fido playing in the snow or a pretty picture of Fluffy snoozing under the tree.

Tire Your Model Out

Action shots are great, but these are often easier to get in summer. For holiday photos, you may have better luck if your ‘model’ is a little tired. Indulge Fido and Fluffy with a fun play session before their big shoot.

Happy Holidays from Aspen Commons Animal Hospital, your Aurora, CO pet clinic. Please contact us anytime!

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