Things That Make Dogs Happy

World Happiness Day is March 20th. It’s probably safe to say that many of us could use a bit of cheer this week. Our canine pals are more than happy to help with that. Fido is always cute, but he’s extra adorable when he’s feeling frisky and cheerful. We all know that toys and treats can get that cute tail going, but those aren’t the only things that can make dogs happy. An Aurora, CO vet lists some of the other ones below.


Going for a stroll isn’t just important for sanitary reasons. They give Fido a chance to stretch his legs, take in some fresh air and sunshine, and, of course, sniff everything. These things are all important for dogs’ mental and physical well-being. Even if you have a fenced yard, make it a habit to walk your pooch daily.


Fido will probably get pretty bored if his walks always follow the same route. Taking him to parks or trails is a wonderful way to let him enjoy a change of scenery. This is also good for you. Spending time outside is great stress relief!


Did you know that learning new things is a great confidence booster for dogs? If your pup already has the basics mastered, take time to show him some new tricks.


Man’s Best Friend can form very strong bonds with his humans. However, it’s also good for him to interact with other pups now and then. Set up some doggy playdates with friends or family members that have polite, well-behaved pooches. Or, bring Fido to doggy daycare on occasion.

Belly Rubs

No surprises here. Fido is also pretty fond of head pets, chin rubs, ear scritches, and back scratches. Pay lots of attention to your furry buddy!


Did you know that playing is good for Fido both mentally and physically? It not only lets him get a great workout in, it also offers mental stimulation. Make doggy playtime part of your nightly routine.


At the end of the day, all Fido really wants is to hang out with you. Enjoy some down time with your pooch! The love, trust, and loyalty our canine buddies have for us is truly something to celebrate.

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