8 Things To Do With Your Puppy This Fall

Summer is ‘falling’ away and autumn is almost here. If you’ve just adopted a puppy, you’re in luck: this is a great time of year to do some pet parenting. Here, an Aurora, CO vet lists some things to do with little Fido this autumn.

Play Outdoors

We’ve only got a short window before it really gets too cold to work outside. Enjoy some of those crisp autumn afternoons with little Fido! Toss a ball for him, or play Tag with him.

Work On Training

Fall days are a great time to head outdoors with Fido and work on his petucation. Your furry little friend will need to learn important basics, such as Sit, Stay, and Lay Down. Housetraining is also a must. Try to work with your pooch daily, for about 15 minutes at a time. Any longer, and your little buddy may get bored. Be sure to incorporate lots of praise and treats!


Socialization is crucial to your canine companion’s personality and outlook. You want him to form a positive outlook about the world. This means letting him meet new people, go to new places, and interact with friendly dogs. The key is making these things fun for the little guy. Host a puppy party, or just have friends come by to pet and play with him.

Have A Snack

As the leaves change, you’ll start seeing pumpkin-flavored everything on the shelves. Make Fido his own pumpkin snacks. You’ll find great dog treat recipes online. Just stick with ingredients you know are safe!

Photo Session

Fall’s gorgeous colors and bright blue skies can make for some amazing pictures. Take as many photos of this adorable stage of little Fido’s life as you can. Your little buddy will be all grown up before you know it!

Take A Walk

Come winter, you and Fido may want to make your strolls short and sweet. Take little Fido to a pretty trail before the weather turns.

Coffee Time!

Who says dogs can’t get in on the pumpkin latte craze? Take your canine buddy through a Starbucks drive-through for his own seasonal snack: the puppucino.


Baby dogs are pretty sleepy. Make sure little Fido has a comfy bed. Rainy autumn days make great napping weather!

Happy Autumn from all of us here at your Aurora, CO veterinary clinic. Contact us anytime!

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