Cute Ways To Celebrate Wolfenoot

November 23rd has gone to the dogs: it’s Wolfenoot, a new holiday made in celebration of our canine companions, and everyone who has been kind to them. Started back in 2018 by a little boy, this pawesome occasion is definitely something to celebrate. A local Aurora, CO vet explains how to do that below.

Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is a big part of Wolfenoot celebrations. Hide small gifts for anyone who has been kind to wolves or dogs. Other animals also qualify! If you have a pooch of your own, you can also hide snacks for Fido to find.


Like many other holidays, Wolfenoot has an official meal: red meat. (Because that’s what real wolves eat.) You can of course use any vegetarian or vegan substitute.


Even if you don’t normally have dessert, you’ll want to save a little room. The official recommendation is a round cake decorated with white frosting, so that it looks like a full moon. Cupcakes and cheesecake would likely also fit the bill. Want to make your own canine pal a cake? Look online for recipes that are specifically geared towards Fido.

Story Time

Did you know that there’s an official Wolfenoot storybook? This could become a treasured memento, something you pass down to future generations. You can find it online at the Wolfenoot website here. Of course, any book or movie that features dogs and wolves will do. There’s no shortage of great ones to pick from! Howling contests are optional, but would not be inappropriate.


Given that being kind to animals is really at the heart of Wolfenoot, there’s no better way to get involved than by helping out our animal companions. There’s no end to the shelters and rescues that need help and support. You can donate money or supplies, but you may also want to look into volunteering or even fostering. Of course, the ultimate option would be to adopt a dog. However, that’s a lifetime commitment, so be sure you’re ready for it.

Tail Wags

Don’t forget to get your own pup in on the fun. Fido will enjoy a special toy, a new treat, or perhaps an extra play session. Weather permitting, you may also want to take him for a long walk!

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