Tick Bite Prevention Week

Tick Bite Prevention Week starts March 24th. We know, this isn’t as much fun as St. Patrick’s Day. However, this is an important topic. Ticks can spread many dangerous diseases, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. These tiny parasites pose a pretty serious threat to you and your beloved pet, so it’s important to be vigilant of them, and protect you and your furry friend. An Aurora, CO vet lists some ways to do that below.

Parasite Control Products

First and foremost, keep your pet current on their parasite control. You’ll also need to be extra careful as the time approaches for your four-legged pal to have their next dose, as the effectiveness will be lowest then. There are many products to choose from. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Remove Debris

Fallen leaves, dead branches, woodpiles, and other types of debris can make very inviting habitats for ticks. Remove anything that isn’t serving a purpose.

Close The Buffet

Gardens, fruit trees, and even birdfeeders can attract wild animals that carry ticks. Be vigilant about picking up fallen or rotten produce. We also recommend keeping birdfeeders away from your home.

Lights On

Consider installing a three-foot pebble path around your property. This is particularly helpful if your place borders on woods or fields. Ticks often turn back from exposed areas. You may also want to trim back some branches, so your yard gets more light.

Diatomaceous Earth

Food-grade diatomaceous earth is harmless to pets, but deadly to ticks. Sprinkle some around door jambs, windowsills, and other high-risk areas. Just take care not to breathe it in, as the dust can cause respiratory issues.


Ticks can fit through even tiny holes in screens, and can easily get in through gaps around doors or windows. Make sure everything closes tightly.  

Keep Lawns Mowed

Did you know that ticks love to hide in tall grass and brush? Keeping your property neatly landscaped can help quite a bit as far as deterring them.  

Climbing Plants

Do you have plants or trees that touch your house? Keep the branches clipped back. Otherwise, you’re offering a convenient entryway for an eight-legged invader!  


Always do tick checks after spending time outdoors. Thoroughly inspect both yourself and your furry friend. Better safe than sorry!

As your Aurora, CO animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing great care. Contact us anytime!



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