Mayday For Mutts

May 1st is Mayday For Mutts! The purpose of this ‘pawesome’ occasion is to help spread the love for mixed breed dogs, and hopefully help get some of the thousands of shelter mutts adopted into loving homes. Some of our favorite patients are mixed breeds! A local vet shines the spotlight on Fido in this article. 



The statistics about mutts are, like the pups themselves, a bit of a mixed bag. Many people have come onboard with the ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ way of thinking, and are turning to shelters rather than breeders. While we love seeing any pooch getting adopted, shelter pups really need help in this area. As it turns out, the vast majority of them are mutts—perhaps as much as 95 percent—are mixed breeds. On a brighter note, those who love mutts tend to go all in. About seven percent of dog owners with mutts had two or more mixed breeds.Another positive figure? Mixed breeds have become more popular in recent years. In fact, one study showed a 65 percent increase from just 2015 to 2019!


Color Coordination


Our canine pals sport coats of all sorts of colors, patterns, lengths, and textures. There are also some mutts that don’t look like any other dog, which is always charming to see. That said, a study did reveal the top five coat colors of mixed-breed dogs: black, brown, white, tan, and black-and-white. There are also muts with long fur, curly fur, thick fur, thin fur, and some with no fur at all. We think they’re all adorable! 


Celebrities With Mutts 


Fido has won over the hearts of many famous people over the years. Some of the celebrities with mutts include Amanda Seyfried, Drew Barrymore, Miranda Lambert, and Hilary Swank, to name just a few. 


Famous Mutts


Many of our canine companions have become bona fide celebrities over the years. The most recognizable one may very well be Benju, the spaniel mix with the soulful stare that melted a generation of hearts. Benji got his start in Petticoat Junction, retired from acting at age 14, and then came back to star in Benji. Then there’s Spike, the Lab/Mastiff mix from Old Yeller, which has to be in the top ten of movies that make people cry.  


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