Cat Care Mistakes

Are you considering adopting a kitty? Cats are known for being easy keepers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be purrplexing. If you’ve never had a feline buddy of your own before, it may take a bit of time to get to know Fluffy, and understand the do’s and don’ts of caring for her. We can help! A Southeast Denver, CO vet lists a few common kitty care mistakes below.

Forcing Attention

Fluffy is adorable, and it can be hard to resist picking her up and cuddling her. This is where it gets tricky. If your kitty is wanting attention, then by all means indulge her. But if she wants to get away, don’t force things. That’s a huge faux pas: your pet may become wary of you if she thinks you’ll grab her and not let go. (It’s also worth noting that cats can change gears very quickly here, and go from snuggly to angry in seconds. That’s just purr for the course.)

Not Petproofing

Never underestimate Fluffy’s penchant for mischief. Plants are one concern. Lilies, for instance, are super toxic to kitties. Even drinking a little of the water or eating a single leaf can cause organ failure. You can find more information at the ASPCA site here. Other potential dangers include ropy or stringy objects, anything small or sharp, and plastic wrappers or ties. Ask your vet for tips.


It can be frustrating to find that Fluffy knocked your glass of water over,or scratched your armchair. However, you should never punish her for these mishaps. Kitties don’t understand right or wrong: they follow their instincts. If you want to teach your feline pal better petiquette, focus on good behavior. Verbal reprimands are fine, assuming that you can do so right away. Addressing something after the fact doesn’t really work, and often just confuses cats.

Not Enough Veterinary Care

Kitties are pretty hardy, but they aren’t nearly as tough as they think. Fluffy is susceptible to many different illnesses and injuries. Simply keeping up with your furball’s basic veterinary care needs can go a long way towards keeping her happy, healthy, and purring through all nine of her lives. (Note: cats don’t actually have nine lives, but we’re not sure anyone has actually told them that yet.)

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