How to Keep Your Dog Safe on July 4th

The Fourth of July is only a few days away. Have you thought about your dog’s safety as the holiday approaches? Keep your pooch safe and sound on the Fourth by following your Aurora vet’s guidelines.

Don’t Bring Pet to Fireworks Display

As tempting as it may be to bring your dog along to your town’s fireworks display, it’s best to reconsider. Dogs can easily be frightened by the loud noises, bright flashes, and large crowds associated with fireworks. Even well-trained dogs can be startled into running off, and you don’t want to have to search for your dog when it’s dark out. Leave your pet at home, secured safely in an escape-proof room.

Home Firework Safety

Perhaps you’ll be setting off some sparklers, firecrackers, or other pyrotechnics in your driveway to celebrate the nation’s independence. Make sure your pooch is secured a safe distance away, or even indoors. If dogs get too close to home fireworks, their faces and paws could be burnt. Plus, fireworks contain dangerous chemicals like arsenic, so you don’t want a pet getting his paws on them.

Picnic Precautions

Make sure your dog stays safe during your Fourth picnic or party. Human foods to avoid include chocolate, candy and gum, salt, onions, grapes, raisins, avocado, and fatty table scraps. Also make sure your dog doesn’t get anywhere near alcoholic beverages. Dogs respond to alcohol the same way we do, except that it only takes a small amount to do serious damage.

Sun Safety

Is your dog going to be spending hours outside in the hot sun this holiday? Ensure he stays safe. Provide plenty of cool, fresh water at all times and make sure there’s some shade for your dog to rest under. You might even consider applying a dog-safe sunscreen, which will protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Proper Identification

Of course, you can’t prevent every accident. Since more pets get lost on July 4th than on any other major holiday, make sure your dog is properly identified this summer. Update ID tags or your pet’s microchip to ensure his safe return in the event of an accident. Your Aurora vet can help you get started with identifying your dog—contact him or her today.

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