Fun Indoor Exercise for Dogs

Ever wish you didn’t have to brave the blistering sun and hot weather to get your dog some exercise? As the temperatures rise this summer, try using these great indoor activity suggestions from your Southeast Denver veterinarian.

Utilize the Stairs

Your home has a built-in exercise machine already—the staircase! Stand at the top of the stairs with a toy or treat, then call your dog to you. Once he bounds up the stairs, reward him, and then reverse the process. Running uphill utilizes different muscles than running on a flat surface, so this is great and unique exercise for your pooch.

Utilize a Hallway

If you have a relatively long hallway, it can make a great exercise track for your canine companion. Of course, you’ll want to remove any obstacles or breakable items from the hall before beginning. Then, toss a ball or toy down the hall and watch your dog happily dash after it. You may even try using two people standing at opposite ends of the hallway, tossing the object back and forth as your dog tries to catch it.

Classic Games

If you have the space in a basement or back room, use classic games like fetch and tug-of-war to your advantage. Make sure the space is safe and remove any valuables. Remember to check your dog’s toys to make sure there aren’t any small, breakable pieces, and examine the rope you use for tug-of-war. If it’s too small your dog could accidentally swallow it, possibly requiring a veterinarian’s attention.


Without your dog’s knowledge, hide a few treats or toys around the house in various nooks and crannies. Then, lead your dog on a hide-and-seek hunt for the goodies! He’ll get great exercise darting around the rooms of your house, and it serves as great mental stimulation as well.

These aren’t the only ways to exercise indoors with your dog. Ask your Southeast Denver vet about more ways to get your dog moving while avoiding the weather outdoors.

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