Kitten Vaccinations 101

If you’ve just brought home a kitten, or are considering welcoming an adorable newborn into your home soon, you may wonder about the vaccination procedure. Since August is Immunization Awareness Month, your Aurora vet answers some common vaccine-related questions below.

What Vaccinations Does My Kitten Need?

Your kitten will need what are known as the core vaccinations. These vaccines protect against particularly common and hazardous diseases, and are recommended for every kitten. In some areas, the core vaccines are legally required.

Usually, the core vaccinations for a kitten include the feline rhinotracheitis vaccine, the panleukopenia vaccine, the calicivirus vaccine, and the rabies vaccine. Depending on the area where you live or what your veterinarian recommends, other core vaccines may be necessary.

How Often Does My Kitten Need These Updated?

Kittens can first get these core vaccines as early as six weeks of age, and they may need to be re-administered annually or once every three years. It depends on the vaccine itself and your vet’s recommendation, so talk to your veterinary professional to find out how often your kitten’s immunizations will need to be reapplied.

What About Non-Core Vaccines?

Non-core vaccines are those that aren’t necessarily required or heavily recommended, but may be helpful to your kitten depending on where you live, your kitten’s health, genetics, and other factors. Some common non-core kitten vaccines include the feline leukemia vaccine, the immunodeficiency virus vaccine, and the Bordetella vaccine. Ask your vet if your kitten’s circumstances warrant the administration of these non-core vaccines.

Are Kitten Vaccines Expensive?

Since vaccination prices can vary widely depending on the vaccine itself, the practice administering the medicine, your location, and other factors, it’s difficult to nail down an exact price estimate. Some vaccines can cost under $20.00, while some will be more expensive. Many veterinary practices offer package deals, giving your kitten a batch of vaccines at a lowered rate. The best way to determine a price is to call your Aurora vet’s office or set up an appointment. Your vet can tell you exactly what your kitten will need for a lifetime of great health.

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