Bathing Your Dog

Dogs love to have fun, and our furry buddies often get a bit dirty while going about their normal doggy business. Your Aurora dog will need regular bathing as part of his basic care. You have the option of going to a groomer, or bathing your pup yourself. Many people like to take their dogs to the salon, because it’s easier, and Fido gets a full on beauty treatment without any hassle or mess. Doing it yourself is quite a bit cheaper, however, and many prefer to bathe their furry friends themselves.

Here are a few tips on bathing your pooch:

Make Bathtime Fun

Dogs probably won’t appreciate rubber duckies, but you can make bathtime fun for Fido by teaching him to associate his beauty regimen with good things. Rewarding your pup with a special treat or a new chew toy after bathtime is a great way to show him that getting bathed isn’t all that bad.

Start Young

If your furry friend is a puppy, you’ll want to teach him early on that bathtime is part of his regular routine. Begin by taking him in and out of the bathroom, and then in and out of the tub. Give him special treats, cuddles and praise each time. Get your puppy used to grooming tools, and getting in and out of the bath. Let him hear running water as well.

Fido’s First Bath

You may want to trim your pup’s nails before bathtime, so he doesn’t scratch up the tub. Keep the door to the room closed, so your furry pal can’t get away if he decides to make a break for it. It isn’t a bad idea to put some towels down on the floor before you start bathing your canine buddy. Having a shower with a detachable nozzle will make bathtime much easier for both of you. Dog’s skin can be sensitive to temperature, so don’t let the water get too hot. You may also want to incorporate brushing Fido’s teeth with bathtime.

In general, most dogs will need a bath once a month, but this may vary. If your pup tends to get a bit stinky, or loves to roll around in the mud, he may need more frequent bathing. Some dogs can go longer than a month and not smell badly. It depends on the dog. If your dog has sensitive skin, make sure to use an appropriate type of shampoo for him.

Once your Aurora pup is clean and dry, give him lots of extra cuddles!

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