Cute Rabbit Tricks

Did you know that you can teach your pet bunny some very cute tricks? Floppy may never be able to do advanced tricks like Fido, but she can learn some very adorable –and useful– commands. Litter box training is one example, and is highly recommended! You can also teach your pet some fun tricks, like playing piano, rolling a ball, or sitting up. A Southeast Denver veterinarian discusses cute rabbit tricks in this article.

Jumping Through Hoops

You can teach your furry pal to jump through little hula hoops! Start by holding the hoop in one hand, and a treat in the other. Tell your furball to ‘Jump’ and hold the treat out so that she has to go through the hoop to reach it. In time, she’ll jump at the sound of the command. Next, hold the hoop an inch or two off the ground, and keep repeating the command and treat sequence.

Walking on a Leash

This will take a lot of time and patience, but in the end, you’ll be able to bring Floppy outside to enjoy some sun and fresh air. Buy a harness, rather than a collar. First, get her used to wearing the equipment indoors. When she’s comfortable with that, attach the leash and let her drag it around. Make sure to keep a close eye on your pet when she’s wearing her gear! Use treats and positive reinforcement, so she forms a positive association with the equipment. Start with short sessions, so she can get used to the harness, before working up to ‘walking’ her, and then taking her outside.

Going Into The Cage

This trick is not only cute, but very handy! Lay down a line of small but yummy treats leading into your furry pal’s cage, and then say ‘Floppy, go home!’, or something similar. After several weeks, start leaving fewer treats, and work your way down to just leaving one treat inside the cage. In time, you can make that treat optional.

Remember, time, consistency, and patience are the keys to training animals! Never use punishment or negative tactics: instead, reward good behavior. Also, make sure Floppy has mastered one trick before moving on to the next.

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