How to Bribe Your Cat Into Behaving

Does your feline friend have a knack for mischief? If so, you aren’t alone! Kitties make absolutely wonderful pets. They’re loyal, lovable, cuddly, and clean, not to mention super-cute. That said, our feline pals aren’t always little angels. In fact, kitties can be a bit naughty! In this article, an Aurora offers advice on how to bribe your cat into behaving.

Escape Attempts

You know that Fluffy is safer inside, where she is protected from predators, cars, and other dangers, but your feline buddy insists on trying to break out. Don’t punish your cat for scratching at the door. Instead, put a cat tower in front of a window, then put a bird feeder outside said window. Fluffy may be so captivated by the view that she chooses to stay in!

Counter Crashing

No one is exactly sure how much human language cats understand, but there’s a fairly good chance that your furball knows exactly what you mean when you say ‘Get down from there!’. Set out cat grass, boxes, catnip, and toys to keep Fluffy’s interests at floor-level. If this doesn’t work, try squirting her with a water bottle when she goes into forbidden zones.

Play Fighting

It’s very cute when a kitten tries to playfully pounce on your foot or attack your fingers, but those little claws hurt! Also, this will stop being cute when your cat matures! If Fluffy thinks of you as a giant toy, tire her out with wand toys, laser pointers, or even remote-controlled toys, but only play when she’s being polite.


Scratching is a natural instinct in kitties. It’s also one of the most frequent complaints we hear from people owned by cats. Don’t punish Fluffy for obeying her instincts. Instead, indulge her with a cat tower, sturdy scratching post, or even a cardboard scratch pad.

Late Night Playtime

Does Fluffy keep you up by batting her favorite toys down the hall at midnight? Your best tactic here is to tire your furball out before bedtime, so she’s more likely to sleep. Take time to play with your kitty, and wear her out a bit. Feeding her dinner late may also help. We all know what cats with full bellies like to do best: sleep!

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