Summer Treats for Fido

Are you looking forward to enjoying some fun in the sun this summer? Many of us love camping, boating, hiking, grilling and swimming when the weather permits. Our canine friends love summertime too! In this article from a local Southeast Denver, CO, veterinarian, you’ll read about some fun summertime treats for Fido.


There are several variations on this fun summertime doggy snack. Freeze doggy treats or bits of cooked chicken, beef, or lamb in water or low-sodium beef or chicken broth, using an ice cube tray. Or, put doggy chew sticks in water or broth, and freeze them in paper cups. On really hot days, give your pooch one or two of these frozen treats.

Doggy Ice Cream

Ice cream is a summertime favorite. You can make some just for Fido, using dog-friendly ingredients like yogurt and peanut butter as a base. The best thing about cooking for your pooch is that you can customize your creations to suit your canine pal’s taste. Try adding honey, cheese, cooked meat, egg, or wheat germ, and use bacon bits or shredded cheese for toppings.

Frozen Cheeseburger Bites

Here’s one Fido is sure to love! Mix cooked ground beef or turkey with cheese, roll it into meatballs, and mix it with water or broth. Freeze it using an ice cube tray. Dole one or two out to your pooch on hot days.

Banana Pops

These yummy snacks are full of potassium, which is great for your four-legged friend! Mash up a ripe, mashed, banana, and mix it with water, then freeze. Or, put it into a Kong toy and freeze it. If you decide to go the toy route, give it to Fido outside, as things might get messy!

Water Fun

Treats don’t always have to be food! Consider getting your pooch a little wading pool to splash around in. You can often find small ones fairly cheaply at discount stores. Or, set up a sprinkler in your yard for your pup to splash around in.

Make sure to always put Fido’s safety first in summer. Provide your pooch with a cool, comfy, shelter, and unlimited fresh water. When giving Fido frozen treats, be careful not to hand over too many at once, as this can be bad for your canine pal.

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