DIY Cat Furniture

Does your furball have some furniture of her own? Your furry little diva might be enjoy being pampered, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your kitty happy. There are many options for kitty furniture that you can make for Fluffy. In this article, a local Aurora, CO vet discusses DIY kitty furniture.

Kitty Castles

It’s no secret that our feline friends love boxes. Small, enclosed spaces make Fluffy feel safe. Boxes also provide our furry friends with excellent pounce-launching zones, but that’s another topic! There are many cute options for making your furball her own castle. Get one, two, or three cardboard boxes, or more if you like: there’s no limit! You’ll need scissors and duct tape. Cut kitty-sized doors and windows, then attach the boxes together with duct tape. Hint: this is a great way for kids to spend a rainy afternoon! To really turn your furball into a purrball, add cute, cat-friendly extras, like soft blanket bedding, carpet walls, towers, or additional levels.

Cat Towers

Kitty towers are a wonderful thing for felines to have. They provide entertainment, exercise, and yet another napping spot all in one. Cat towers also give your furball a good vantage point from which she can look down at you with that cute, satisfied expression cats do so well! An easy way to make a kitty tower is to simply repurpose an old wooden stepladder. Add wooden planks to widen out the steps into kitty sleeping spots, and use carpet or sisal rope for covering. Or course, if you’re very handy, you can also just build a cat tower from scratch!

Furball Hammocks

To make Fluffy a little hammock, take an old tee shirt, towel, or blanket, and an end table with four legs. Cut the material so that it forms a square with ties at each corner, and then fasten it to the legs. Voila! Kitty napping zone!

Cat Tent

Did you know that you can make your furball her own tent or kitty cave with just an old tee shirt and some wire hangers? Don’t be surprised if this kitty cave becomes your furball’s favorite hangout spot!

When making kitty furniture, don’t leave any sharp pieces or edges that your furball could scratch herself on.

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