Five Things Cats Will Never Admit

Our feline friends are very adorable and cute, and can be a bit mysterious. In fact, these furballs keep us guessing with some of their cute quirks and enigmatic behavior. While we have learned a lot about how cats think and act, we do have a few sneaking suspicions about our furry companions. Below, an Aurora, CO vet discusses a few things kitties will never admit.

They Run On Solar Power

Kitties seem to have a hard time resisting a chance to stretch out in a sunbeam for a good snooze. Is Fluffy actually recharging her batteries when she sunbathes? We know our feline friends need a proper diet and fresh water in order to thrive, but one can’t help but wonder if these furballs also run on sunlight!

They’re Taking Over The Internet

Have you noticed that the World Wide Web is chock full of kitty pictures, memes, and videos? Our furry overlords have even convinced us to create apps just for them. In fact, this phenomena is so widespread that scientists have actually done studies about just how and why kitties dominate the internet. Is this part of a feline plan for world domination? Fluffy will never tell!

They Learn Through Osmosis

Have you ever opened a book or magazine, only to have your furball sprawl out right in the middle of it? Does Fluffy sometimes tap you with a paw when you’re at your computer, or even walk across the keys? Kitty might want attention … or she may be absorbing information through osmosis!

They Shed On Purpose

Officially, the scoop on shedding is that many of our furry friends grow thicker coats for winter, and lose that extra fur in spring. While we certainly wouldn’t dispute this, one does have to wonder how cats always manage to leave fur on the clothes that will show it the most. Coincidence? We think not!

They Totally Manipulate Us

Did you know that adult cats rarely meow at one another? Fluffy, it seems, saves her vocalizations for us. Kitties are usually the most talkative when they want something, like dinner, or a helping hand retrieving that catnip mouse from under the couch. In fact, scientists suspect that kitties started meowing just to manipulate us!

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