Fun Ideas for Photographing Your Pocket Pet

Do you have a pocket pet? Gerbils, hamsters, mice, and other tiny furballs make adorable pets. Those tiny faces are super cute! Why not take time to capture some great pics of your little buddy? An Aurora, CO veterinarian lists some fun options for photographing pocket pets in this article.


Tiny hats make for adorable pet photos! Put your little one in a cowboy hat, or try a miniature top hat for a more sophisticated photo. Just be sure not to tie the hat onto your pet’s head, and don’t let your little one eat his hat!

Seasonal Décor

Try photographing your gerbil near some pumpkins and Halloween props for a cute fall photo. You can also photograph your little one near some beautiful Easter eggs in spring, or with some patriotic props for the 4th of July.


Themed pics can be lots of fun! Photograph your hamster near children’s toy blocks, a mini chalkboard and some books for a back-to-school shot. Or, give your bunny a little piano to play for a concert theme. The options are endless!


Have you heard of dog shaming and cat shaming? Basically, this entails photographing our furry friends next to a handwritten sign describing something cute, funny, or naughty they do. The results can be quite hilarious! While Fido may be ‘shamed’ for letting the cat steal his bed, you can shame your hamster for shameless begging.


Small toys and doll accessories can make great props for pocket pet photos. Give your gerbil a tiny briefcase to hold, or give your hamster a little trumpet. You can also use a kitchen play set to arrange a tea party for your pet mouse, or put your Guinea pig in a toy car.


Lunchtime can make for some great pictures! You can get some adorable photos of your little buddy enjoying a healthy snack, such as a carrot.


Always put your pet’s safety first. Be sure to closely supervise your furball during his photo session, and don’t let him eat his props! We don’t recommend dressing pocket pets in costumes, so stick to hats or accessories. Always remove props immediately after the shoot, and give the little one a healthy treat instead.

Do you have any questions about pocket pet care? We can help! Contact us, your Aurora, CO vet clinic, anytime.

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