Decorating Your Pocket Pet’s Cage for the Holidays

As the holidays draw near, many of us are setting out seasonal decorations, choosing gifts for loved ones, and baking delicious treats. Many of us like to include our pets in our holiday celebrations. If you have a pocket pet, such as a hamster, gerbil, or Guinea pig, then you have some adorable options for including your tiny furball in your holiday decorating and festivities. In this article, a local Aurora, CO vet offers some cute options for including pocket pets in your seasonal festivities.


One cute thing you can do is place Christmas lights around the outside of your pet’s cage. Just be sure to secure them well, so that your little buddy can’t chew on them when he is out of his cage.


The winter holidays offer some great opportunities to take pictures of your tiny furball. Stage a photo shoot with your hamster or gerbil on a tiny sleigh, or put a cute little Santa hat on your furry friend. Just be careful that your little furball doesn’t eat his props! Tip: if your camera has a macro setting, try using that. It often works better than the zoom feature for shooting little animals up close. This can make an adorable addition to a family holiday card.


Pocket pets love little hidey-holes. Around Christmastime, why not swap out your little pal’s house for something more festive? Give your tiny pal a cute little igloo or gingerbread house. Just be sure to use only safe, non-toxic materials.


Pine and cedar are dangerous for little animals, so you don’t want to give your little furball a real Christmas tree. You can, however, make a cute little tree out of paper or cardboard.


Consider using a cute holiday placemat, or even wrapping paper, as a backdrop. Put the material on the outside of your little pal’s cage.

What To Avoid

We don’t recommend using tinsel near pocket pets, as it can be very dangerous if your little buddy ingests any. You also want to be sure to keep other decorations, such as lights, ornaments, and knick-knacks, outside your furball’s home.

All of us here at your local Aurora, CO vet clinic, want to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season. Please feel free to contact us for all of your pets’ veterinary care needs.

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