Household Hazards for Dogs

Dogs truly enrich our lives with their unconditional love, complete devotion, and unabashed affection. Fido isn’t always the best judge of what he should and shouldn’t eat, however, and has been known to swallow things that are very bad for him. As a responsible pet parent, you’ll want to be sure to keep your beloved pooch safe from potential dangers. Below, a Southeast Denver, CO vet lists some common household hazards for dogs.


Fido is a part of the family, but he has different body chemistry than we do and can’t eat the same things. Many of our favorite foods are toxic to our four-legged friends. Chocolate; caffeine; alcohol; macadamia nuts; avocados; and raw dough are all poisonous to Fido. Products that contain xylitol, such as sugar-free gum, are also toxic to our furry pals. You’ll also want to avoid giving your canine buddy anything that contains garlic, onions, chives, or scallions, as well as grapes, raisins, and currants.

Pest Control Products

Be very careful with how you use your pest control products, and where you store them. Insect bait stations are very dangerous for dogs. Rodenticides, insecticides, and rat and mousetraps are also poisonous to Fido.


Fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides are all very toxic to dogs. These products also pose dangers because your pet can pick up residue just by walking through a recently treated yard. Fido could get sick just by licking his paws after his morning stroll! Household cleaning agents and automotive products, especially antifreeze, are also very dangerous for Man’s Best Friend.


Human medicine is extremely dangerous to pets. Ibuprofen; acetaminophen; amphetamines; such as those used to treat ADD; and aspirin are a few common medications that are toxic to Fido. Keep all medicines securely out of the reach of those adorable paws.

Silica Gel Packs

Many products come with small packets of silica gel. These tiny packages are easy to overlook, but be sure not to let your pup get to them, as they’re poisonous to dogs.


Be careful not to buy plants that are poisonous for Fido. Many popular plants, such as rhododendrons, sago palms, and philodendrons, and several varieties of lilies, are toxic to dogs. Check the ASPCA website for a full list.

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