4 Times to Consider Boarding Your Pet

Your pet is an important part of your household, and a beloved friend and companion. Unfortunately, your furry friend can’t go everywhere with you. Sooner or later, you will probably find yourself needing to make temporary care arrangements for your beloved furbaby. Many people only board their furry friends while traveling, but there are other circumstances where boarding is a great option. An Aurora, CO veterinarian lists some of them below.

Medical Procedures

If you have a medical procedure scheduled, it may not be a bad idea to board your pet. That way, if your procedure or recovery takes longer than expected, you won’t find yourself scrambling for a petsitter at the last minute. Of course, medical procedures vary widely in both intensity and recovery time, so your best option will depend on your individual circumstances, including what sort of procedure it is, the expected recovery time, and what kind of pet you have. You may very well want your furry best friend there to snuggle up with while you recuperate!

Major Life Events

Weddings, births, funerals, graduations, and other major life events can be extremely hectic and stressful, and sometimes just take longer than expected. Consider boarding your furbaby on the day of the event, especially if your home will be filled with guests. This will allow you to focus on the event at hand without worrying about your furry pal.

Moving Day

Pets can become very anxious and frightened during moves, and often don’t really relax until they’ve adjusted to their new homes. You definitely don’t want your furry pal dashing out an open door, or getting underfoot while your belongings are being loaded or unloaded!


Renovations can really transform your home, but the process isn’t always either quiet or safe. All that noise, as well as the dangers posed by tools, nails, and other items that may be left lying around, make this another good time to board pets. This is recommended mainly for short, messy projects, like painting or installing new carpets, floors, and/or appliances. If your renovations will take a long time, you may just need to keep your furry friend out of the work area. Tip: baby gates are very useful for this!

Do you need to board your furbaby? We can help! Please feel free to contact us, your local Aurora, CO animal hospital, anytime.

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