5 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Kitty Warm and Purring this Winter

Colorado winters can be tough! Because winters in this area are so brutal, we recommend keeping your kitty indoors in winter, or at least keeping her outdoor excursions short and sweet. But even if Fluffy lives inside, when the temperatures drop, she’ll be looking for warm spots to doze off in. A local Aurora, CO vet lists five ways to keep your kitty warm and happy indoors this winter.

Kitty Tents

Our feline friends love kitty tents. They offer kitties a small, enclosed place, which helps Fluffy feel safe and secure, and gives her a spot to hide when you vacuum. Kitty tents are also good at keeping heat trapped, so your furball will stay warm and cozy inside. You can buy kitty tents, or make your own out of an old tee shirt and wire hangars. Add soft blankets to make your furball’s shelter even comfier.

Heated Beds

Kitties are constantly convincing us to invent ways to spoil them. One relatively new method of pampering your cat is the heated pet bed. Your furball probably won’t take long to settle into this on chilly days! You can also get a regular heating pad and slip it under her bed. Just be sure to put safety first: never leave heating pads on beyond the recommended time, or when you’re not there.

Window Seat

Birdwatching is one of Fluffy’s favorite activities. Consider getting your kitty a cozy window seat, so she can settle in, get comfy, and daydream about hunting. If the window seat comes with sunbeam access, you’ll get extra purrs.

Warm Bathroom

Garages and cellars are often convenient spots for litterboxes, but these areas can get quite chilly in winter. No one likes a cold bathroom! Bringing Fluffy’s litterbox into a warmer room will help keep her comfortable. It will also help prevent litterbox issues.

Lap Cuddles!

What better way is there to spend a chilly winter night than settling in with a good book or movie with a hot beverage and your cat snuggled up on your lap? While not all kitties are snugglebugs, many of them love cuddling. It probably won’t take Fluffy long to start that little engine once she’s settled into your lap.

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