Things Your Cat Hates

Do you know what your cat’s favorite food is? Does Fluffy have a favorite toy? Just like people, kitties all have their own preferences. Your pet may have very particular taste when it comes to such crucial matters as kitty toys, napping spots, and cuddles. Our feline friends do share some common likes and dislikes, however. A Southeast Denver, CO vet lists some of Fluffy’s pet peeves in this article.

Other Kitties

Cats can be quite territorial, and don’t always take kindly to finding other furballs trespassing in their kingdoms! Just the sight of a stray cat sauntering across your yard might send your sweet, cuddly furball into a blind rage.

Being Ignored

Cats are rather emotional little furballs. Some kitties would be purrfectly happy if you did nothing all day but pet and cuddle them! Many of our feline friends absolutely hate being ignored. (We know, cats can be masters at ignoring us, but that’s another topic.)

Dirty Litterboxes

Cats hate dirty litterboxes. In fact, if Fluffy’s private bathroom isn’t clean enough, she may not want to use it! Keep your kitty happy by scooping her litterbox daily, and thoroughly cleaning it about once a week.


Taking baths is probably at the top of the list of things your kitty would rather do without. While there are some furballs out there that enjoy water, most cats absolutely hate getting wet. Does Fluffy know she looks a bit silly when she’s sopping wet?

Car Rides

We know our feline patients don’t really understand that visiting us is in their own best interests. Car rides can be very scary to a little furball! (Actually, we may also be on the list of things your cat hates, but we don’t take it personally.)

Loud Noises

Fluffy likes her kingdom nice and peaceful. Her Furry Majesty does not like loud, unexpected noises. In fact, if you accidentally drop a pan near your cat, your furball will probably hightail it out of the room.

Improper Attention

Kitties can be quite the little cuddlebugs, but they’re also very particular about how and when they get petted, and for how long. Improper attention, too much attention, and too little attention are all equally annoying to your adorable pet!

Please contact us, your local Southeast Denver, CO animal clinic, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We are happy to assist!

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