National Pet Day

Did you know that April 11th is National Pet Day? Pets are truly a wonderful gift, and should be celebrated every day! That said, we think this is a great time to shower your furbaby with some extra TLC. A local Aurora, CO offers some great ways to pamper your furry pal in this article.

Pampered Pups

Is your furry pal of the canine variety? Why not bring home a new toy for Fido? You can also indulge your pooch with some special snacks, such as homemade doggy biscuits or some plain, cooked chicken or beef, without the bones. This is also a great time to take a look at your furry pal’s bed, leash, and collar, and see if anything is worn and needs replacing. To get that tail wagging, indulge your pooch with a fun play session, and dole out lots of belly rubs and/or back scratches.

Feline Divas

A new kitty bed is a great way to treat your feline buddy. Even if your furball already has a bed, don’t worry: as far as cats are concerned, it’s impossible to have too many napping spots. You can also get Fluffy’s little motor going by getting her some fun new toys, such as a catnip mouse or a little ball. Offering your kitty a good window seat, a new piece of cat furniture, or a can of tuna are also good ways to make your feline friend feel loved.

Pocket Pets

Smaller animals are just as cute and lovable as larger pets. If you have a Guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, gerbil, or another tiny furball, consider giving your miniature pet a larger habitat. Chew toys are also very important for pocket pets. Many smaller animals have open-rooted teeth, which means that those little choppers never stop growing. Therefore, these little guys need lots of chew toys. Wood, wicker, cardboard, and paper items are all suitable, as long as they don’t have sharp edges or small pieces, and aren’t made or coated in harmful materials. Treats are also very popular with the pocket pet crowd. Each of these small animals has specific nutritional needs, so ask your vet for recommendations.

Of course, proper veterinary care is very important to all pets. If your furry pal is overdue, let this be a reminder to make an appointment. Please contact us, your local Aurora, CO animal clinic, anytime!

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