How to Train Your Rabbit to Use a Litterbox

Did you know that bunnies can be trained to use a litterbox? While bunnies don’t pick this up as quickly as cats do, you can teach your adorable pet how to use her own private facilities. This training will take time and patience, but it’s definitely well worth the effort! Read on as an Aurora, CO vet offers tips on teaching Floppy how to use a litterbox.


Floppy can use a medium or large cat litterbox. If you have more than one bunny, get one that is big enough for both of your pets to be in together. A cement-mixing pan from a hardware store can also work. As far as litter, you’ll want to avoid clay or clumping litters. You may want to get several litterboxes to start out with. Down the road, when Floppy has the basic hang of it, you can remove the extra ones.


Choosing the right spot for the litterbox is very important. Study your pet’s habits for a few days. Is there a certain spot in her cage that she prefers to use as a bathroom? If so, put the litterbox there. Bunnies like to munch on hay while they’re doing their business, so you may want to install a hayrack just over Floppy’s litterbox. Position it so that your furball has to hop into the box to reach the hay. It can also help to put some of your furry pal’s waste in the box.


When you’re training Floppy, keep her confined to a small area. You can use a baby gate or pet fence to contain her. Keep a close eye on your bunny. We know, this is a bit time-consuming, but it’s temporary, and necessary for training. Whenever your furry little buddy starts to go, immediately put her and her waste in the box, then immediately offer her praise and treats.

Positive Reinforcement

Bunnies are very opinionated little furballs. Never punish your rabbit for not using her litterbox. You may just frighten Floppy, or make her angry. Use positive reinforcement instead: give Floppy treats, toys, and compliments for behaving correctly. Remember, time, patience, and repetition are the keys to training your bunny!

Do you have any questions or concerns about Floppy’s health or care? Call us, your local Aurora, CO animal hospital, today. We are always happy to help!

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