Fun Ways To Celebrate Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

Did you know that tomorrow, July 16th, is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day? These little guys make very charming pets, and definitely deserve to be pampered a bit! Below, an Aurora, CO vet offers some tips on spoiling your cavy.


Guinea pigs love cozies. If you aren’t sure what cozies are, think of them as little sleeping bags or tents for small animals. You can buy them, or make your own. Look online for step-by-step instructions.

Bigger Cage

Want a surefire way to spoil your tiny pet? Get him a bigger cage. If you don’t want to give up more floor space, pick one that has a second level with an enclosed ramp for access.


Guinea pigs really can take some adorable photos. Snap a few pictures of your adorable pet. (Tip: check to see if your camera has a macro setting. This often works much better than the zoom feature for taking pictures of small animals.)

Fun Toys

Make sure your pint-sized pet has plenty of cute playthings. You can buy your cavy’s toys, but you can also make your furry friend’s playthings out of common household items. For instance, the cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls can be upcycled into a variety of fun toys. Many wood, wicker, and cardboard items are also fine. Just avoid anything with small parts, sharp edges, or dangling threads.

Yummy Treats

Just like any other pet, Guinea pigs love treats. You can offer your pint-sized pal a small bit of a suitable fruit, like pineapple, pear, or strawberry. Take care to only offer things that are safe for your furry buddy. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice.


Guinea pigs are very sociable, and really do better when they have some buddies to play with. If you only have one cavy, consider getting your furry pal a roommate. Just be sure to only house same-sex furballs together.


The best way to spoil your tiny friend is to make him feel loved and safe. Spend time playing with your Guinea pig, and give him some supervised time out of his cage. Many cavies actually enjoy cuddling with their owners. Your furball may even snuggle up on your lap!

Do you have questions about caring for a Guinea pig? Contact us, your Aurora, CO pet clinic, today! We’re dedicated to providing great care.

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