Budget-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Spoil Your Dog Day

Did you know that August 10th is Spoil Your Dog Day? We think our canine buddies deserve to be pampered every day, but this is the official doggy-spoiling holiday. Read on as an Aurora, CO vet lists some low-cost ways to get that tail wagging on Fido’s special day.

DIY Toys

Making sure your pup has lots of fun playthings will help keep him active and entertained, and will also help keep him out of mischief. Store-bought toys are fine, but you can also make Fido’s things. For instance, to make your canine companion a rope toy, just cut a plain towel or tee shirt into strips. Braid the strips together, and then braid the braids together. Tie large knots into the ends to secure them. Look online for more ideas.

Puppy Play Zone

Do you have a yard for your dog to play in? Make it more fun for Fido by incorporating a doggy playground. You can get your pooch a sandbox or kiddie pool. Or, just incorporate things like ramps or half-buried tires.


Nothing gets that tail going like a yummy snack! Fido can enjoy quality store-bought treats; cooked, plain, boneless meat, chicken, or fish; a few pieces of bacon, sausage, or cheese; a hot dog; or some deli meat. Or, pour sodium-free broth over some kibble or doggie treats, add bacon bits or cheese, and then freeze overnight.


Man’s Best Friend loves exploring! Take Fido on a fun outing to a doggy park, or visit a new trail with him. Even going a different way on your walk can help brighten up your four-legged pal’s day. If your pooch is in his golden years, a slow walk around the block may do just fine.

New Bed

Dogs spend about half of their time sleeping, so making sure Fido is comfy in his doggy bed is very important. Senior dogs and large breeds will appreciate the extra support offered by orthopedic beds, while smaller pooches may like beanbag beds or bolstered beds.


Dogs are always happiest when they feel loved. Spend some quality time with Fido. Playtime is great, but it’s also nice to just relax with your canine friend. Offer lots of ear scritches and belly rubs.

Please call us, your Aurora, CO pet clinic, anytime. We’re dedicated to keeping our furry patients happy and healthy!

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