Keeping Fido Calm

Do you have a furry, four-legged bundle of zoom for a pet? Dogs certainly are full of energy, especially when they are young. While Fido’s enthusiasm is certainly adorable, there are times when he gets a little too excited. We can help! Read on for some tips from an Aurora, CO vet on keeping your canine pal calm.

Doggy Activity Regimen

If Fido isn’t getting enough activity, he’ll be full of pent-up energy. Make sure Fido is getting an appropriate workout. Daily walks and play sessions can work wonders on bad doggy behavior!

Don’t Reward Bad Behavior

Here’s a common scenario: your dog is racing around, and runs up to you with a toy. You submit and indulge Fido with a game of Fetch, thinking—not incorrectly—that a fun play session will burn off his excess energy. While it’s definitely important to make sure your four-legged buddy is getting enough activity, you don’t want to reward him for misbehaving.

Ignore Fido When He’s Feisty

Ignore your frisky pet until he’s behaving. For some of our canine buddies, any attention is a good thing. Even telling your pooch to ‘calm down’ or ‘wait’ may reward him for being out of control. That will just make matters worse!

Use Positive Reinforcement

When training dogs, it’s very important to reward Fido for doing what you want him to. In this case, that would be acting calm and controlled. Offer your furry buddy praise, belly rubs, and treats when he is behaving.


Dogs are very curious and playful. Make sure your pup has enough toys to play with. Puzzle toys are great. You may also want to try an automated laser pointer or a mechanical ball launcher.


Consider enrolling your canine friend in obedience classes. Professional training can really make a huge difference. The investment is definitely a worthwhile one! Teaching Fido good petiquette can help ease tensions and frustrations between you, making both of you happier.

Soothing Music

As the saying says, music soothes the savage beast. It also soothes the goofy, playful puppy! Play some relaxing music for Fido. You can even try aromatherapy! Just be sure to stick to scents that are safe for Man’s Best Friend. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Do you have any questions about your dog’s health or care? As your local Aurora, CO vet clinic, we’re here to help!

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