How to Tell if Your Cat Loves You

Cats, as you may have noticed, have literally taken the lion’s share of interesting quirks. From Fluffy’s box obsession to her penchant for sleeping in odd places, kitties’ unique character traits keep us laughing. They also keep us scratching our heads. Actually, our feline buddies can also be a bit confusing when it comes to showing affection. Most of the ways cats show love would be considered incredibly rude coming from people! Here, an Aurora, CO vet lists some curious ways that cats show love.


If Fluffy decides to lick your hand or your face, she’s actually trying to help clean you. You can try telling your furball that you’ve got things under control, but it probably won’t do any good.

Head Butts

Head butts—also sometimes called ‘boops’—are another cute way kitties show their love. If your feline friend pushes her head into you, she’s letting you know she cares.


You’re probably familiar with the term ‘love bite.’ Kitties take this one to a whole new level. Fluffy has a habit of biting unexpectedly. She may be curled up in your lap one minute, content and purring, only to unexpectedly chomp down on your hand the next. This can be rather confusing. Our furry buddies bite out of affection, when they want to play, and/or when they are angry or scared. (Tip: angry cats usually flatten their ears, and may hiss, growl, and/or lash their tails. Cats that are just being cats don’t bite hard, and sometimes look rather pleased with themselves afterwards.)


It’s always nice to settle in after a long day with a good book or movie and a furball purring on your lap. However, Fluffy sometimes is so happy for snuggle time that she starts basically trying to shred you with her little nails. This is actually a kitty compliment: kittens do this when they nurse. How sweet!

Dead Things

Apparently, Fluffy never got the memo about how she is no longer required to bring us dead mice. Case in point.

Attempted Smothering

Do you sometimes wake up to find Fluffy sleeping on your head, chest, or pillow? We’re pretty sure that our feline pals are being affectionate, instead of trying to smother us. Then again, with cats, you never know.

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